Getting Better


Once you've covered the basics, you may wish to build on your successes and move on to some of the more advanced work.

We run classes at all levels of the Kennel Club’s Good Citizen Dog Scheme - Bronze, Silver and Gold. These are an ideal way for you and your dog to progress through a series of exercises covering the real practicalities of everyday dog ownership.

We mix the formal exercises with practical everyday situations, fun activities and factual information.  All of this is aimed at strengthening the knowledge, leadership and mutual respect that will give you and your dog a healthy balanced relationship.

The Bronze class introduces a number of key exercises, at a basic level. In Silver, these exercises are progressed and new ones introduced.  The focus remains on the day-to-day real-life situations that you will encounter with your dog - this includes heelwork with and without distractions; getting your dog to come back when called; staying in place when told; grooming and examining.

For more information on the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme elements of these classes, take a look at their Bronze and Silver website pages here.

Both classes also highlight some of your responsibilities in becoming a dog owner - responsibilities to your dog and to the community.