Workshops and Events

We hold workshops on a variety of specific topics from time to time.  Keep an eye on the home page which will tell you about what's coming up soon.  Numbers are limited so If you would like more details or to go onto the list for the next session, please contact us asap by E-Mail or on any of the numbers here


Recall Workshop

We have run a number of workshops now on recalls - "my dog works so well in the class but get him outside, with so many other things to sniff at - forget it , it all goes wrong".  So we run a session on recall techniques to help improve your recall when at the park or similar.


First Aid Workshop

Would you know what to do if your dog was stung by a wasp ? Or a bee ?  Swallowed bleach, or even broke its leg ?  We are planning to run another of the excellent "First Aid for your Dog", presented by Clare Hemmings, VN.


Food and Nutrition Seminar

We will be holding another seminar on food and nutrition, given by Clare Hemmings, VN who also presents our very popular First Aid workshops.  The talk will include information about the different food groups; what each one does for your dog, and the effects of too much or too little; changes in nutrition needs as a dog moves from puppy to adolescent, adult, maybe pregancy, and old age.