Gold and Gold Plus Classes


The Gold Award is the highest of the four Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme awards.  A dog and handler who have achieved this award will have progressed to a level of control and responsibility that they can be proud of.

By the end of our Gold class you will be comfortably and confidently in control of your dog in all of the typical situations that you are likely to encounter at home and when out and about.  You will also have a good understanding of the importance of proper communication with your dog; safe and responsible dog ownership; and how to keep your dog physically and mentally exercised.

And our Gold Plus class - this is for those who have reached the Gold level and just want to carry on a learning and entertaining activity with their dog.  The class is a mix of advanced exercises, fun activities and dipping back into previous work to make sure its not been forgotten.

Some examples of the tasks we have set include :-