Puppies and Beginner Classes


So, you’ve just got your brand new shiny puppy !!


Or,  perhaps you’ve taken on an older dog who's not had much training.

Your puppy gets to meet the other puppies in the class, but will also be introduced to adult dogs and “unknown strangers”, as well as a variety of interesting objects, noises and situations.

The Puppy Class is for puppies up to about 12 months old, whilst the Beginner Class is for older dogs. Both classes are designed to help you to get off to a great start with your new family member. 

Our Puppy Class is based on the Kennel Club’s Puppy Foundation Course, which is the first of four levels within their Good Citizen Dog Scheme.  We will show you how to start teaching your puppy some of the essentials, such as walking nicely; sitting when and where you want; coming when you call; and getting the right balance for the relationship amongst your “pack”.

We also spend time making sure you understand the way you and your dog communicate; basic care and health issues; dog law; - and we’ll all enjoy a fair amount of fun and games along the way too.

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Puppy and Beginner Classes

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