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Get in touch

We are based at the 1st Laleham Scout Hut & Thorpe Lea Nursery

1st Laleham Scout Hut

Brownsea Hall,

Ashford Road,



TW18 1RU


Thorpe Lea Nursery

Thorpe Lea Road,



TW20 8JL

Contact details

Celia on 07855 046 354

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Terms & Conditions for our services

Terms & Conditions


Payment – for all activities is due in full, in advance of the session. Payment can be made by Bank Transfer, Cheque or by cash in person.

Our beginner obedience and puppy classes are a set 8 week course.

All our other classes for both Obedience and Agility are run in 8 week terms and are continuous. If you wish to stop attending a class we ask that you advise us no later than week 6 of the current term. (This is to enable us to manage class numbers and class progressions).

Hoopers classes are run in a blocks of 4 sessions, we ask that you let us know by class number 3 whether you intend to continue classes for the next term.

Scent Work classes are booked in a block of 6 sessions.

Please note that we do not refund for classes missed or credit future classes in lieu of non attendance, this includes absence due to holidays, illness or bitches in season (see below).

Workshops, taster sessions, puppy play, brain training club, and socialisation walks are booked on an adhoc basis, once booked onto a session please be aware that should you need to cancel you dogs place you need to give a minimum of 48 hours notice to enable us to try and fill you place. If less than 48 hours notice is given, we will require payment for your place.

Bitches in season:

Should your bitch come into season during the course, please do not bring your dog to class, however, we would still encourage handlers to attend and sit in on the session so that they can practice at home with their dog.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old should my dog be to join obedience classes?

Puppies are able to start training once they have been inoculated and able to mix with other dogs. For dogs age 8 months or older who have not had any formal training, our beginners obedience is a perfect way to start training.

How old does my dog need to be to participate in Hoopers or agility?

Dogs can start agility classes with us from around 10 months upwards depending on breed. For younger dogs we run monthly puppy agility/ hoopers groundwork sessions to learn foundation skills prior to starting agility.

What equipment does my dog need to wear for classes?

Dogs are required to wear a collar with an identification tag when out in public. For classes we recommend a short lead rather than an extendible flexi style lead. Harnesses and headcollars can be worn for some activities and we can give advice on correct fitting of these along with other training equipment.

What does reward based training mean?

Dogs are rewarded through praise, food and toys and learn through a positive association linked with cues. We will teach you the difference between luring your dog and rewards.

My dog is reactive around other dogs will classes help?

A class environment is not always suitable for all dogs to feel comfortable to learn, therefore we would suggest having a one to one training session initially, so that we can assess whether a class will suit your dog or whether different activities would be more constructive.

If my bitch is in season can she still attend classes?

We do not recommend attending classes during your bitches season but encourage handlers to still come along to class to watch so that they can practise exercises at home.


We offer a wide range of classes for older dogs and rescue dogs.

You can book in a taster session on one of our Agility or Hooper classes.


We hold all sorts of workshops throughout the year including:

Canine First Aid  – held twice a year.

The Dogs Coat and health Issues.

Agility & Hoopers

We offer a wide range of courses for puppies and beginners.

Come and watch a lesson to see if it suits you and your dog.