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Puppy & Beginner Obedience courses

Puppy classes

Bringing your puppy home is an exciting time for everyone in your household but it also can be quite daunting. Puppy behaviours such as chewing and nipping, along with house training can require a lot time and attention. We can help you get off to a great start with your puppy through training and helping you to understand how your puppy feels. We can offer home visits for dogs yet to be vaccinated or those needing extra help.

Puppies are eager to learn, therefore starting training when young will help establish good behaviours, building a relationship with you and help prevent problems develop as they become more confident and mature.

Here at the Dog and Handler Training Club we offer a range of activities suitable to puppies and young dogs.

Beginners obedience course

The Beginners obedience course is for dogs over the age of 8 months who are new to your family as a rescue or they have forgotten all you taught them as a puppy.

 This is a good foundation course for your dog to learn the basics, including loose lead walking, recall, touch, watch me, middle, behind, settle, as well as understanding your dog and how they will feel in certain situations.

 Please do visit one of our classes before booking so you can meet us and see how we teach.

 If your dog reacts to people or other dogs, a class is not the place for them. Please see our 1-1 training. We will be happy to help and advise you.

Our Courses

Puppy play

Our puppy play sessions are held once a month on a Saturday at our agility field in Egham.

Puppies are able to attend our puppy play sessions up to the age of 10 months.

The session focuses on having fun with your puppy and building your confidence of having control of your puppy off lead amongst other dogs.

Our play based exercises aim to improve your dog’s focus on you with lots of opportunity to practice recall and off lead attention, balance, coordination skills as well as mental stimulation.

 Venue: Agility Field, Thorpe Lea Nursery, Egham

Kennel Club Good Citizen Awards

Once you have completed your Puppy or Beginners Foundation Course you can then move on to the Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze award class and then onwards to Silver and then the Gold award.

Please follow the link to see the full syllabus on the Kennel Club website.




Payment – for all activities is due in full, in advance of the session. Payment can be made by Bank Transfer, Cheque or by cash in person.

Our beginner obedience and puppy classes are a set 8 week course.

All our other classes for both Obedience and Agility are run in 8 week terms and are continuous. If you wish to stop attending a class we ask that you advise us no later than week 6 of the current term. (This is to enable us to manage class numbers and class progressions).

Hoopers classes are run in a blocks of 4 sessions, we ask that you let us know by class number 3 whether you intend to continue classes for the next term.

Scent Work classes are booked in a block of 6 sessions.

Please note that we do not refund for classes missed or credit future classes in lieu of non attendance, this includes absence due to holidays, illness or bitches in season (see below).

Workshops, taster sessions, puppy play, brain training club, and socialisation walks are booked on an adhoc basis, once booked onto a session please be aware that should you need to cancel you dogs place you need to give a minimum of 48 hours notice to enable us to try and fill you place. If less than 48 hours notice is given, we will require payment for your place.

Bitches in season:

Should your bitch come into season during the course, please do not bring your dog to class, however, we would still encourage handlers to attend and sit in on the session so that they can practice at home with their dog.


We offer a wide range of classes for older dogs and rescue dogs.

You can book in a taster session on one of our Agility or Hooper classes.


We hold all sorts of workshops throughout the year from:

Canine First Aid  – held twice a year to – The Dogs Coat and health Issues.

Come and meet us

We do indoor and outdoor training at the Scout Hut Laleham

See how we work and get a feel for how you and your dog will fit in to the environment.


Fantastic training club – highly recommend it.” –  Sarah Robinson

Jackson and I love coming to the Dog and Handler training, friendly and fun. Very informative always learning new things and Jackson always tired when we get home which is great for a lurcher with a not so great recall so free running is not a regular thing for him x x” –  Samantha Wagstaff

Fabulous Club, fantastic trainers who really know their stuff. Look no further, this is the place to train or just have fun.” –  Vicki Farnden

Great trainers lots of different ways to train your dog.” –  Trish Thomas

This is an amazing club giving help and support to both dog and handler and offering classes to suit all ages and abilities, from puppies to golden oldies. Many thanks Janet and Celia for your endless patience, fun lessons and knowledge of dogs. We always look forward to our classes and, without a doubt, have happy and healthier dogs because of you.” – Lynn Howard

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Celia on 07855 046 354 

Or drop us a line at inthedawghouse@btinternet.com

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