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Workshops all year round


Workshops throughout the year

Brain training

Brain training is a fun way of teaching your dog some new skills, tricks and problem solving tasks in a fun and relaxed environment, whether you just want to teach your dog some basic tricks such as play bows, paws or more complex tasks.

This activity is suitable for all ages of dog including puppies.

Our two part workshop introduces the dog to understand the use of a clicker as training tool for handlers. Working with a clicker helps to accelerate learning by shaping and rewarding behaviours in a precise way.

Once dogs have completed our two part work shop they are able to join our monthly brain training class.

Classes take place at our training venue in Laleham.

Scent work

Harnessing the dog’s natural ability to use their nose, our scent work classes teach both handler and dogs how to conduct searches finding target scents in differing environments. Scent work is fun, rewarding and mentally stimulating for your dog’s and is suitable for all ages of dogs and breeds.

Classes take place at our training venue in Laleham.

Our Workshops

Social Walks

The Social walks originally started in 2012 when we were asked by several clients if we could organise a class in a more natural environment. We kept hearing that their dogs behaved impeccably in a class situation but out and about near other dogs it all went awry.

For the older dogs it was more about being able to walk near other dogs without them bouncing and pulling. For others it was about taking their dogs to new places and feeling confident in an unfamiliar area, and enjoying time with fellow dog owners, exchanging tips on treats, walks and games to play.

We then started to teach our clients that there was more to a walk than just walking! ‘Parkour’ was introduced and we taught them different ways to keep their dogs busy and involved so the dogs didn’t feel the need to run off and make their own entertainment. This included some scent training – finding treats and toys, and encouraging their dogs to walk and balance on different surfaces.

Gradually over the years we have expanded to taking out groups of puppy owners and older dogs to meet horses, chicken and sheep. Practise recall around distraction, be out near traffic and trains, go into pubs and cafes so their dogs learnt to settle, as well as practise loose lead walking around other dogs and more importantly giving the Handlers the skills to intervene when the public want to stroke their dog.

Life skills are very important to having a happy well balanced dog.

Canine First Aid - held twice a year

This is a hands on First Aid Workshop for dog owners, professional, groomers, or dog walkers who would like to know what to do in an emergency.

We have limited places as everyone who attends has time to practise on our dogs that are attending.

Subjects include:
Bleeding wounds
Heat Stroke
Snake bites and Stings
Convulsions / fainting
Eye Injuries

Burns and scalds

….and so much more
You will receive a Manual, and a certificate of attendance.

Loose Lead - held throughout the year

This workshop will cover the difference between Heel work and Loose Lead walking.

How to teach your dog to loose lead walk, and how to stop the pulling and zigzagging.

How to teach your dog to walk “behind” you, on and off lead, for those busy walks or narrow paths. This is also an ideal command to teach your dog if they worry about people or other dogs coming straight towards them. Take the stress out of their walk.

Heel work and loose lead walking past distractions.

Off lead walking next to you.


Does your dog NOT come back to you EVERY time you call?

Would you like to know why?

Does your dog do a perfect recall in class or garden, but once in the outside world it all falls apart?

The workshop will take place outside. We will be looking at what is distracting your dog, is it other dogs, dogs with a ball or predatory chase of deer, squirrels or birds?

This workshop will be particularly useful for young dogs OR rescues that may not yet be off lead in open spaces. Or for those of you that are struggling with your own confidence to make that first step to let a long line go or remove the lead. We can help you all the way.


Our motivation workshop explores what motivates your dog to interact and work with you. We learn the value of food and toys as rewards and how to use them effectively. We look at ways to communicate with your dog to improve focus and build on you and your dog’s relationship. Motivation workshops are run adhoc during the year.

The Dogs Coat and Health Issues
Did you know that the skin is your dogs largest organ, and it provides a protective barrier against the environment and regulates your dogs temperature? If your dogs coat is matted or in bad shape it will affect the skin, and if your dogs skin is dry or itchy it will affect their coat.

The talk will cover your dogs body, skin, coat, nails and teeth. Jessica is a lively and informative speaker. She will cover tear stains, ticks, fleas, skin allergies, parasites and other problems, how to desensitize your dog to grooming, as well as breed specific grooming tools for curly or woolly coats, long coats, wire, double, and smooth short coated dogs.

If you would like to ask Jessica any questions please let us know before the day, but there will be a question and answer slot at the end of the talk.

Please do invite all your friends to this talk – and enjoy a relaxed hour in the company of like minded people and learn how to keep your dog happy and healthy.



Payment – for all activities is due in full, in advance of the session. Payment can be made by Bank Transfer, Cheque or by cash in person.

Our beginner obedience and puppy classes are a set 8 week course.

All our other classes for both Obedience and Agility are run in 8 week terms and are continuous. If you wish to stop attending a class we ask that you advise us no later than week 6 of the current term. (This is to enable us to manage class numbers and class progressions).

Hoopers classes are run in a blocks of 4 sessions, we ask that you let us know by class number 3 whether you intend to continue classes for the next term.

Scent Work classes are booked in a block of 6 sessions.

Please note that we do not refund for classes missed or credit future classes in lieu of non attendance, this includes absence due to holidays, illness or bitches in season (see below).

Workshops, taster sessions, puppy play, brain training club, and socialisation walks are booked on an adhoc basis, once booked onto a session please be aware that should you need to cancel you dogs place you need to give a minimum of 48 hours notice to enable us to try and fill you place. If less than 48 hours notice is given, we will require payment for your place.

Bitches in season:

Should your bitch come into season during the course, please do not bring your dog to class, however, we would still encourage handlers to attend and sit in on the session so that they can practice at home with their dog.


We offer a wide range of classes for older dogs and rescue dogs.

You can book in a taster session on one of our Agility or Hooper classes.


We hold all sorts of courses for puppies and beginners. Kennel Club Good Citizen awards – Bronze, Silver and Gold awards.

What we've been up to

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Me and my dog Merlin love coming to class. He would come every day if he could!
Good fun classes with instructors who know what they’re talking about!
” – Kelly Robinson

Excellent classes, great fun and very informative. We love training day.” – Lauren Maunders

Friendly, fun club with really knowledgeable and supportive instructors. They use different types of reward based training, making sure you and your pooch(es) get the best out of every class.I started with my first puppy and more recently with my rescue dog – both boys absolutely love it.”  – Debbie Hunt

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